Your mind, body + soul.

Yoga + meditation offer a path of self-empowerment to gain health, understanding, peace + well-being. I will teach you practices that incorporate:

  • Mindfulness & Heartfulness
  • The art and science of yogic breathing, which positively effects your nervous system, energy and ultimately your whole self
  • Meditations that help you create radiant mental, physical & spiritual health
  • Yoga postures to balance your strength and flexibility, leaving you feeling empowered and uplifted

Corporate Wellness

Join the many Atlanta companies who have incorporated onsite wellness programs that include mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Choose from individual events to weekly or monthly yoga and/or meditation sessions with a seasoned, professional instructor.


After leaving each of Kim’s classes I felt so much less stressed and a very real sense of calm. There were a few exercises that stand out as things that helped me throughout my day at work. She was able to show us how to be aware and present of the situation and our emotions when dealing with conflict. Our workplace was deadline oriented and aggressive. With the help of Kim’s classes, I was able to adjust my reaction and rely on breathing and a more mindful approach to any difficulty at work. Kim’s relaxed and insightful demeanor brought us all closer to her and gave us all the desire to learn more. We wanted to have what we saw in her.

Since Kim’s class I have continued the practice of daily meditation. I am forever grateful to Kim and Turner, Inc. for introducing this practice into my professional and personal life. It has been a key component of developing improved relationships and a deep appreciation for each day.
— C.B., CNN employee
Kim is amazing! I took her 12 week meditation course at Turner and it was life-changing. I’m super excited that she will be back again for another year of classes. I had never meditated before the class and now I couldn’t imagine meditation not being a part of my life. She is super knowledge, patient and professional. If you get the opportunity to take a class with Kim...do it! Your zen will thank you.
— A.K., CNN employee
The 12 weeks I spent in Kim’s classes were so personally rewarding, practical, and inspiring... A stress-relieving oasis during a hectic day. She shared so many effective and helpful practices and tools from her mindfulness toolbox that, even months after the training series, I still find myself using with great benefit. An expected but welcome side effect: I also formed quality connections with my fellow participants on different teams — colleagues I might not have bonded with otherwise. Kim knows how to connect to individuals as well as unify a group, and has a mastery in the art of delivering content that could be considered esoteric and showing how it can be applied to everyday life and situations.
— L.M., CNN employee
I’m compelled to tell you that you have seriously reinvigorated and inspired me after the thai massage session I had with you. You have a beautiful, brilliant, exuding spirit and you’ve clearly did something amazing to me. An awakening, if you will...What I’m sure seemed like another session in another day was in fact a very memorable experience for me and I thank you for that. I hope this feedback serves as a testimony to your merit in your profession. Not that you need it of course, just a gesture of gratitude in the wake of a surge of endorphins.
— Mike M.
Dear Kim, Thank you. The positive effects of the Thai Massage I received from you persist long after the session. I came to you in pain and distress. Your hands and heart uplifted me; and helped me reclaim peace and strength. As a Thai Massage instructor myself, I am profoundly impressed by the variety of alternative medical disciplines you have mastered and integrated in your professional approach to healing. I will not hesitate to recommend your services.
— Martin B.

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