More than ever, people need help during their workday to transform stress and fatigue so that they may focus, interact and perform their tasks successfully.  With the individual benefits of a regular wellness practice like mindfulness , yoga and meditation becoming more well known, it is also more common place for businesses and schools to incorporate onsite wellness programs that include practices such as these. Fortune 500 companies like Google, Amazon, Turner, Inc., HBO, Aetna, Microsoft, and Intuit have all taking the lead in offering these programs to promote health, happiness and productivity in the work place. Contact me to help create a program that creates a positive impact in your organization's culture.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Stress and Tension
  • Improve Focus
  • Add to Employee Wellness and Happiness!
  • Save on Health Care costs
  • Have Fun at Work and Generate Employee Collegiality
  • Onsite Regularly-Scheduled Yoga Classes
  • Team-Building Events
  • In-Studio Meetings, Workshops, and Gatherings
  • Yoga Sessions at Corporate Conferences - We Bring Yoga to Your Hotel or Conference Center


Regularly Scheduled Onsite  Classes

Please contact for rates

Looking to offer meditation and/or yoga in your corporate culture? I work with some of Atlanta's Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses to create programs that range from weekly or monthly offerings in mindfulness, meditation and yoga. We'll provide everything you need to increase your employees' happiness and productivity. Note that mats and props are not included in pricing.


Single Offsite Session

Please contact for rates

Looking to put together a team building event?  I'll bring my services to you at your hotel, conference room, place of business and provide a yoga and/or meditation class tailored to your preferences.

Mat rentals are an additional $3/mat and parking must be validated or reimbursed.