Private Instruction


Customized 1 on 1 yoga and meditation lessons, designed just for you, to give you exactly what you need.


As your very own private teacher, I will meet you where you are and help you find out what you need most from a yoga and meditation practice.

I'm passionate about finding ways to gather your goals, desires and needs into a supportive, fun yoga practice.


Are you wanting to feel more at ease in your body,  maintain flexibility and have better health?
Do you want to try yoga and meditation, but feel less than confident about going to a public group class?
Do you want to feel more relaxed and experience more patience in your relationships?
Is your life so hectic that you can't find time to fit in a yoga and meditation practice during a studio's scheduled classes?
Do you need to lose a little weight and learn how to incorporate better self care in your life?
Are you wanting to be able to increase your mental clarity and focus?
Do you want to have more resilient emotional health and learn to respond rather than react all the time?
Are you wanting to challenge yourself and feel stronger than ever?

These are just some of the ways that private yoga lessons can help you.


During certain sessions you'll learn all about alignment in your poses, so that you develop good habits and a strong, safe practice. Some days you'll learn about breathing techniques and need poses that are deeply restful. Other times you may want to work on those fancy poses you see in yoga magazines. We can even create a practice that supports your other athletic pursuits. Then there are those days you need a yoga and meditation practice that aids the healing of an injury. I'll help you get the practice that best suits you right now while keeping you moving towards your goals.

After a session you will probably feel:

Like your mind is awake, clear and calm.

You just had a nap and a massage rolled into one.

Strong and expanded, ready to take on the world with a smile.

Like you just did a challenging workout.



I see clients in Atlanta, GA at Kashi Atlanta Yoga.

There you'll have a dedicated space and all the props we'll need.

Allows you to get away from the normal distractions of everyday life.

Appointments are available as 75 minute sessions, Tuesday through Sundays, and are usually scheduled at a standing time each week.


I see clients in the Atlanta area.

I come to you, at a time that is convenient for your hectic life.

Available as 60 minutes sessions, Tuesday through Sundays, and are usually scheduled at a standing time each week.

Sometimes self care practices like yoga and meditation are hard to fit into your busy life, if you agree then this is for you.

Kind Regards,